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We work hard to ensure all of our customers receive personalized care and solutions. We truly believe the items we build offer something extraordinary that will remain with you for years to come. Whether looking for custom cabinets, barn doors or floating shelves, we will customize the final product to your liking. Everything we create is handmade by us and we are open to you bringing your own ideas! If you can dream it, we can create it!

Wood Countertops

While many homeowners only tend to think of stone when it comes to countertop options, the truth of the matter is that custom wood countertops are just as beautiful and effective when they are built and installed correctly, and our team of woodworking pros here at True Elegance Woodworking are ready to help you do so. From custom wood countertops, to butcher's blocks, or any other projects you might have in mind, our team of skilled professionals are ready to help.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets can be an amazing feature for your home, as they will not only allow you to enhance your home's function and storage capacity, but they can be specifically fitted to any area of your home that you desire. Whether you are looking to enhance the beauty or function of your kitchen or bathroom space, or you would rather do both, our team of skilled woodworking pros can build the brand new custom cabinets that will help you accomplish your home design goals

Barn Doors

Barn doors aren't just for barns anymore. They have become popular interior statement pieces. Not only are they beautiful but they are functional space savers that is guaranteed to grow into the conversational focus. At our shop, we build custom, made to order barn doors to suit your desires.


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